It is fun and super-easy to create a blog on WordPress. You can create a WP blog for displaying your work, such as writing or photography. You may also create one on a popular topic, such as media topics or politics. The WP platform can also be used for the development of business websites and blogs. Find out how you can set up a blog on WP.

Visit the WP platform

Visit, and click on the button “Sign Up Now” that is located at the top of the web page.

Log into the system

You can enter your username and email to choose to log into the platform and out of the same. The name of your blog can be your own username, although you can use some other name. It is not necessary that your blog name should be your username. You can choose the option to create a blog or simply get a username. With a username, you can place comments on other WordPress blogs. When you set up a WordPress blog, you can get the chance to blog as much as you want and comment on the blog of other people.

Pick a blog domain name

Pick a domain name for your blog. Keep in mind that you cannot change the name. It will be your permanent web address for WP.

Pick a proper blog title

You can pick a suitable title for your blog. Unlike the domain name of your blog, the title of your blog can change. Make sure that your blog title is completely clear and inform the reader immediately about your blog content.

Search engine crawling or not?

You have to decide whether you want your blog to be crawled, found and indexed in the search engines. If you wish to have your blog come up in the search engines, make sure that you check that option off.

Fill out the profile

Finally, you have to fill out your own profile. Make sure that you add in experience that makes you a good expert in the segment that your blog is in. For example, if photography is your area of expertise and it is the topic of your blog, make sure that you write about the companies that you have worked for and the total number of years that you have in experience. You should also write about any special recognition or awards that you have got for your photography work.

Begin to add content after you are done with setting up your blog.