With the advancement of technology, the marketing world has changed the way of promotion. Popularly known as SEO, a process that increases the chances of visibility of your website on search engine, that too naturally. The process usually takes place by adding in various elements that are equipped for this task.


There are two types of areas of optimization namely off page and on page optimization. The on-page optimization consists of a web page having HTML code, texts along with images and content. On the other hand, off page optimization comprises of backlinks i.e. connecting various links in order to promote a website.


The technology advancements have brought in various boons and vices with itself. Thus, enters types of optimization in the picture i.e. the white hat (the good boy) and black hat (the bad boy).
The white hat is a kind of optimization where in the techniques or the methods are used in to boost up the rankings of the search engine. The implementation of white hat optimization is done by restructuring and link acquisition.

The black hat optimization, breaks open the weak links of the algorithms of the search engine, thereby striking perfect rankings for the website.

Website Services

Taking the concept of SEO even further, there is provision of website audit service. The website audit services are separated by complexity and simplicity found in the websites. The simple on page issues such as missing titles, heading and the content is resolved here. The complex website audits deal with minutest of the elements of the website, so to brush up the rankings of the website.

Code optimization

Code optimization is an extension of the optimization techniques. These declutter the codes into easy and understandable formats, to be read by the machines. Reducing the time taken to load the webpages.


Let’s talk about the suitability of this method. It efficiently reduces the expenditure of the entrepreneur to promote the product in order to contribute efficiently to the ad campaigns.

This method fairly results in the promotion of a website. In a nutshell, SEO broadens the horizons of marketing for the entrepreneur, with minor expenditure. Technology has made our lives easy, thus helping us to efficiently evolve our businesses by gearing up the rankings of our page and building a successful line-up. Use of SEO does help to improve the ratings of your websites as well.